Christian Marital Assessments of Atlanta -  (a Open Arms Outreach International Inc. Program)
Individual Consult
Select this one if you are and individual seeking marital help. SINGE SESSIONS=1/2 HOUR SESSION
Price: $39.00
Married or Pre-marital Consult
Select this choice if you are a married couple or planning to get married, seeking help. 2 people =1hr sessions) MUST SCHEDULE 3 SESSIONS AT A TIME. EXAMPLE: 85.00 X QUANTITY OF 3= 255.00
Price: $85.00
Mediation/Parenting/property division Agreements(Mediation is available by video conference)
Select this one if you are in need of mediation/parenting agreement/division of property agreements
Price: $150.00
Officiant fee
Includes one consult
Price: $200.00
Officiant fee (program participant)
Use if you took the 6 wk premarital program
Price: $175.00
Mobile Notary Service
Service includes, notarization, any forms, cost of gas and hourly parking. We only service businesses/hospitals/nursing & rehab. facilities/doctors offices or medical facilities. No homes/apartments.
Price: $50.00
Mobile Notary Service (BEFORE 9AM AND AFTER 5:00PM)
Price: $75.00
Mobile Notary Service (ALL DAY SERVICE)
All day service at your location is $50.00 Hour.
Price: $50.00
Safe from Harm
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