Christian Marital Assessments of Atlanta -  (a Open Arms Outreach International Inc. Program)
Martial Assessment Program
(each client is unique.  Please contact the office to schedule a private consult)
Our marital assessment program is performed with integrity and Godly wisdom.  Our program consist of four very important stages, however each case is different and may not require all four.  Please click on links to the left of your screen for a breakdown of each step.
4 Step Process
1. Initial Consult
2. Counseling/coaching
3. Mediation
4. Two Options
    A. Renewing of Vows
    B. Divorce (non-contested/contested)
1. The consultation is a very important part of our program.  This is where you begin.  Here we will determine the best path for the most positive outcome for all parties involved.  
Please note: Our program is run by the best Christian Mediators and Ministers.  Their volunteer time and commitment to this program is very important, therefore, no appointment will be scheduled with out reserving a consultation online.   If you are a part of an organization or church sponsored group that is already a client with us, your consult fee may be waived. 
2. Spiritual/Biblical Counseling:   The next stage in the process is to meet with a Christian Counsel.  Our consultants are Christian mediators and are ordained clergy. We are NOT Psychologist or Therapist.  We DO NOT provide any medication and our mediators are NOT attorneys. 
Biblical Counsel is a great resource for individuals who are trying to make tough life decisions.  It allows the person to speak their mind without being judged or entering into a disagreement with those who may be involved.  Our client’s privacy is of the up most importance to us.  Anything shared here, is held under the strictest confidence and will not be shared when and if the client enters into mediation, unless the client gives permission.  Counsel allows you to be heard and work things out in a neutral environment.  Along with marital counseling we offer, pre-marital and divorce counseling; singles and group counseling, grief counseling; ministerial and individual counseling.
3. Mediation:  Mediation is the second step of the marital counseling program.
After the initiating party or client has gone through counseling and it is determined that the marriage could benefit from the mediation process, then both parties will participate together.  Here a neutral third party will initiate the conversation based on the marriage. Their job will be to help guide the parties to reaching and agreement that works for both of them in resolving their martial issues and ultimately saving the marriage.  If the marriage able to be reconciled, the parties will begin the planning process of renewing their vows. This is the favorable outcome we desire for all marriages; however, some marriages may not be able to be reconciled.  
 *In some cases, clients who are beyond the point of counseling, may go straight to mediation.
4.  If after sufficient mediation sessions, the couple cannot resolve their issues and reach a decision to dissolve the marriage, the parties must choose what is the best way to resolve the marriage (contested or uncontested divorce).  
If however, the couple is able to resolve their issues and decide to try and maintain their relationship of marriage, a renewing of vows ceremony will be suggested.  We recommend periodic counseling to keep parties on track.  
A. Renewing of Vows:  Couples decided to make a fresh start.  A small ceremony is held to reaffirm their faith and belief as to why they entered into this covenant in the first place. Counsel will be available to the couple for the life time of the marriage.  Couples will have a requirement of counseling, once a month for the first year.  The year starts when the vows are renewed.  
B. Divorce (uncontested/Contested). If Divorce is your choice then this is the stage where you will decide if you would like to utilize our mediation program to settle any matters in a peacable manner before it has time to get into litation and the courts take over, leaving you without a say of the outcome.   If you decide on a Contested Divorce (one party is diputing the other and not in agreement) then you will be  referred to and attorney.  God gives us all free will. If one party is unwilling to change (irresponsible behavior, adultery, drug abuse, crime, etc), the marriage will be unable to be repaired.  These are factors that will most likely be discovered during counseling or mediation.  Marriages that are unable to be resolved, but can come to and agreement as to how their issues( custody, support, finances, belongings) can be resolved may be able to divorce as uncontested, however, those who cannot must file contested and must brace themselves for a far more expensive resolution.  Clients will be referred to and attorney who meets our highest standards of integrity.
Our hope is to help you find a peaceable solution for all parties involved. 
Our website is not intended to provide legal advice and does not constitute the giving of legal advice nor does it create a relationship of solicitor and client. It is intended to supply general information to our clients and to the public. We do not necessarily endorse and are not responsible for any third party content that may be accessed through our website. You should not assume that the information on the website applies to your specific situation without a consultation. If you are interested in discussing a specific relationship matter, please telephone, write or send an email to us and we will be happy to speak with you.
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